Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hey Everyone!

So I know I haven't written in a few days and for that I apologize. I just have been kinda stuck on what to write about. There are so many things that I know I want to talk about that narrowing it down is really difficult for me. However, I finally decided on what to talk about. So here is a little pic to see if you can guess what I am going to talk about.

Here lately I have been really missing my dad. If you know me at all in person than I'm sure you know I am definetly a daddy's girl. I love my mom more than words could ever describe but me and my dad just share a different connection, one that I will always cherish and that will forever make me Daddy's little girl. It all started when I was just a few months old. My mom and my dad were in a argument and so my dad decided to put me in the car and drive to what is called the Bountiful Temple. When we arrived my dad picked me up and held me in his arms and right then and there he gave me what is called a Father's Blessing. I cannot tell you what was said in that blessing but I know that then and there it was just me, my earthly father, and my heavenly father. At that moment my dad knew that me and him would share a special bond for the eternities to come and not only that but it would grow stronger and stronger as the years went on.
Since that moment I have received countless blessings from my father and it is something that I will forever cherish and hold very dear to my heart. They are something that I always look forward to. When I was a little girl he would hold me in his arms on Sunday mornings and we would dance together in our living room. These are the things that matter most the moments that matter most, this is the bond that will only get stronger.

 Now if you have read my previous blog posts you will know that my childhood was very hectic and because of that my dad was constantly working. He is the most hardworking person I have ever met. He has always done nothing but worked just so that my family and I could have food to eat and clothes to wear and a roof over our heads. He has had to sacrafice on numerous occasions and I know that he has made sacrifices that I haven't even been aware of but all of them because of the love he has for his family. The love that my parents share for each other is one that I envy. One that I can only hope me and my husband will have one day! I know that there isn't anything that my parents wouldn't do for each other or for their children.
 Now because my dad has had to work so much he hasn't always been there for every sporting event or for every recital or award, but I can tell you this. My dad has been there for every important moment in my life. My dad is there no matter what when it matters most. The things that I will be able to carry with me into the eternities and the memories that I will be able to carry with me are the moments that my dad has been there. For that I would give up every soccer game or award. Because those things are not the things that matter most.

Fast forward through the years and one evening me and my dad were sitting in the car in our driveway late at night. Right there we just talked and talked. In our conversation my dad at one point turned to me and said, "Kennedy, I am sorry. I am sorry that I have failed. Failed at being a father. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you. But most importantly I am sorry that I have not been able to give you all the things of this world that you desire." Now granted, my family definitely is not in society's term, "RICH", but my dad has always gave me everything I need in life to help me succeed and to make it through the every day life. Money and the things of this world don't mean a single thing. They are not the things you will be carrying with you into the eternities to come. I can tell you right now. In no way have I ever thought of my dad as a failure and it broke my heart to hear him say those words. My dad has taught me so many things that I will be able to carry with me and things I will be able to teach my children. He has been able to teach the value of hard work. He has been able to teach me how to be responsible and independent. To be loving and to show compassion for all of those around me. I know that my dad might not be able to see it but to me he is the greatest man I have ever met. I will never be able to put my feelings into words for how much I love and appreciate him and all that he has done for me and those around me.

If you know my father at all, He is one of the most giving and compassionate and selfless people I know. He is constantly trying to help those around him and he is always giving even at times when he has nothing to give he is still giving all he has to those around him and the needy. He is the exact definition of Love and service. He is humble and meek, a leader, and a great example to everyone. He is a true disciple of Jesus Christ and is someone I hope to be like, I love my dad and I know that through the years that love will grow even stronger.

I encourage all of you if possible to just tell your father you love them. Those simple words can have much more of an impact on a person's life than you will ever realize. So just do it. Just tell them you Love Them and appreciate them, no matter how young or old your dad may be. I know that it will make their day.

Well I love you all and I will write soon. Have a great day everyone!
                                                                                                         Kennedy Eby

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hi Everyone!
 Hope you are having a great day! Its super warm here and sunny! I like it but i'm also super ready for the cold and for the beautiful seasons to change! I don't know about you guys but I totally love when the leaves starting changing and you can feel the crisp cool air around you. Sweater Weather is the best! Anyways so if you read my blog post yesterday you will all know that I told you I would post a lot of cool pics and cool stories. Well here it goes!

So I totally love adventures especially spontanious ones and they are what makes the memories that you will carry with you for the eternities I love It! anyways so the other night me and two of my roomies decided that we were going to go to a lake up the canyon and take some pictures! It was so Gorgoeous! you could see the different colored leaves and the sunset and although it was a lot colder than expected it was so fun to get away for a little bit! I love how there are so many hidden treasures on this beautiful earth and how we can go there to escape the rest of the world for a few minutes. no cell service, or city lights, or the loud hustle and bustle of the everyday world. Just you and the beautiful simple world around you.

I strongly encourage you to just pick a night one night and just take a drive or go find a place you didn't even know existed just take a minute to get away from all the stress and craziness of the world even if it is only for like 5 minutes. Those moments are the best moments and I promise you will carry those memories with you forever. 

Love you all and hope you all have a great rest of your day! 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Never Alone

WOW! It feels like it has been forever since I have last written!
Life is so crazy right now! I got in a car accident to start out with ( Yes i'm fine by the way) and then I have been super sick for like almost a week now and I have been so insanely busy with life.

So when I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today in my blog I thought a lot about telling you guys some more stories from my childhood and the craziness of when I was little, but instead I thought I would share with you a amazing experience I had the other night.

So in case you guys don't know I am currently in college and live over 1,000 miles away from my best friends and confidants ( My parents) haha. Yes as you know they are my best friends and the people I confide in for everything! Anyways so i'm super far away from everything and everyone that means everything to me. So I have been feeling quite lonely here at college and I just have a hard time finding people I can turn to cause everyone I would normally turn to isn't here. The other night though one of my roommate's and me decided that we were going to go to Denny's after I got off work. We didn't end up at Denny's till 2:30 in the morning but it was so fun! me and her just drank hot Chocolate and talked for like a hour and a half in Denny's. It felt so nice to have someone to laugh with again and someone I feel like I can tell anything too. Anyways a few days later I had a young man in my apartment who I am good friends with. Without me ever saying anything to him about how I had been feeling lately he talked about how I have been feeling lonely but how I should not feel that way at all and that there are people around me who care about me and who are always here for me whenever I need them. In that instance I once again had it bore witness to me that god was watching  over me and will never leave me alone especially in the depths of my fears and trials. I cannot explain why so much has happened to me in my life lately but I do know one thing for certain! Everything happens for a reason and no matter what I know that one day I will understand the blessings that came from these small hurdles in my life. Heavenly Father is watching over me everyday and he is holding my hand every step of the way I just have to be willing to reach out my hand to him and to hear his guidance. He will never leave you alone no matter where you are in the world or what you are doing you can know this for sure...... God lives and he Loves you! He will be there for every dark day and every shining day if you let him! I love each and every one of you and am so thankful for all of you that read my posts. It means the world to me.

BTW Tomorrow I am going to Post some fun pics and fun stories so you won't want to miss It. so check back tomorrow!

Don't forget to comment if you ever feel like it I would love to get back to you and I'm always here if ya need anything!

Friday, September 18, 2015

New Addition to the Family

So sorry I haven't written in a few days. Life has been absolutely crazy these past few days and a lot of things happened that I was not planning on happening. Isn't it crazy how things can just sneak up on you at times that you couldn't imagine anymore being on your plate at the moment. I know I don't know right now why all of this is happening but I know that later on down the road I will understand why the lord felt necessary to place all this upon me at once, and I will see the blessings that will come from it.

Anyways, enough about the craziness of life, lets get back to the story. 
So I'm sure all of you have been wondering what happened to me and my parents right after my brothers passed away. Well, long story short, a few years later we had moved into a new house and I was about 9 years old when my parents decided they wanted to be foster care parents. We were in a new house with new foster children coming in and out our lives. However, one day we got a call that would change our lives forever. My parents were asked if they wanted to foster a 2 month old baby girl and a 2 year old little boy who were siblings. After much thought my parents said yes and I still remember as we drove to the location where we were going to be seeing them for the first time and be bringing them home. I still remember seeing those sweet children for the first time and my dad talking about how they are exactly what we had been waiting for.  We brought those sweet children home with us and it wasn't very long before we were filing papers to adopt these beautiful little children and officially make them apart of our lives for the eternities. I'm sure as you all know we did end up adopting them and it was exactly what our family was missing. They completed our family. Kyree was such a good baby always happy and smiling, just such a sweet little spirit, the little boy Carter was a sweet little boy but a lot more work.  there were times when it was very hard and you could see so much anger and the neglect he felt, which was very hard to watch. Now Kyree is 7 and my brother Carter is 9. Such beautiful kids, full of spunk and sass but can be so sweet. 
A lot of people think that it is to hard on my mom because they can be very difficult at times but I feel like i can finally say what I think to all of you. Even though carter and Kyree can be the hardest challenge my family will go through, I wouldn't give it up for anything. Those 2 children were meant to come into my family and whether it was when it happened or later on down the road they would have come into our lives. They are in my family for a reason and through it we can learn patience and love. My little brother can finally have the opportunity to feel what it feels like to be loved by your parents and to know what it feels like to have 2 people in your life that will support and love you no matter what. They are always there for you. Those 2 precious angels were meant to come into my life and complete my family, and I am so thankful! 

Have a wonderful day and remember that there are people out there that love you and that are waiting for you to come into their lives. You will never know how many people you may have touched in this lifetime just by your small everyday actions that left huge imprints on other people, so make sure that you are always striving to be your best self!


Monday, September 14, 2015

What Started It All

So I thought I should tell you guys what makes me who I am! What makes Kennedy the person she is? Well the answer is simple, I am who I am because of the experiences I have gone through in life.

It all started in February 25, 1998. The day I was born.

I was born too two amazing parents Eric and Christina. Who I didn't know at the time but would later become my best friends and be my everything! I would not be who I am without them and their strength. The things they taught me are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life!

A year later my brother Connor was born. However, he was needed by his father in Heaven more than he was needed here and he was taken from my sweet family when he was only 2 months old. For my family we had no clue that this would only be the very beginning.

A few years later when I was 2 years old my second brother Kayden was born. He was such a light and lit up every room he went into. However, "our handsome boy" was born deaf, blind, couldn't walk or talk. His poor little body was so fragile and he would never be able to experience life the same way most little boys do. He would never be able to throw a football with my dad or tell his mom he loved her. Even though it seemed that every thing that could be wrong with someone was wrong with him he was the happiest little boy I have ever met! He had a way of touching everyone's life that he came in contact with and he was so deeply loved by everyone around him! Even though the doctors told my parents he would never be able to even crawl he learned to scoot. He would drag his high chair from the kitchen all the way to my bedroom (which was not a short distance btw) all just to tease me. I still remember when I was little and would be watching TV he would scoot up next to the armoire and pull out all the DVDs and spread them across the floor and then he shut the doors to the armoire so I could no longer watch TV. He was such a precious and amazing little boy!

When Kayden was 3 years old, my third brother Kimball was born. I was now 5. Kimball was born blind and a few months after he was born we found out he was going deaf. Kayden his older brother had recieved the Cochlear Impant a few years before and had decided that Kimball should also receive it. He was the youngest one in the world to recieve the cochlear implant at the age of 11 months. He received the Implant on Friday and sunday morning when my dad was at church my mom was doing my hair. My mom had me go check on my brother Kimball who was peacefully swinging in his electric rocker. When I went and checked on him I noticed that he was discolored and his skin looked like porcelin. My sweet little Brother Kimball returned to his fathers arms that peaceful sunday morning. For my parents this was both a shock and complete sadness to see their third son be their second child to die. However, what came next none of us were prepared for.

4 months later at the age of 4 1/2 my brother Kayden contracted pneumonia. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when my parents brought him to me and lay him in my arms and for the final time in this earthly life I got to hold my tender sweet brother in my arms and tell him my goodbyes and tell him how much I loved him. Even though he couldn't understand what I was saying or what was going on I could feel his sweet spirit so strongly that night. After I said my goodbyes my parents took him to the hospital where he died that night in my dads arms.

I must be the luckiest person ever to have three perfect amazing handsome angels watching over me and my family every single day!

People ask me how I am able to be so ok with what happened to my family and my three brothers but the answer is plain and simple. I love my brothers more than anything and being able to still share with adventure called life with them would be amazing! However, If I was given the opportunity to go through all of it all over again or not go through it at all I would choose to go through it again. The reason is because the things that I had to learn at such a young age such as putting a G-Tube into my brother Kayden while I was at the age of 4, caused me to grow up extrememly fast. My whole life everyone has always told me that I am much more mature than my peers and the people that are the same age as me. I am so thankful for all that my hardships have taught me throughout my life and because of that hard thing my family had to go through I was able to gain a relationship with my parents that most people would be jealous of. They are my best friends and I cannot even begin to put into words how much they truly mean to me! I couldn't get through life without them right by my side! 

I'll continue the story later but for now Hope you all have a great day! Love you all!


Little Bit About Me

Hi, Everyone. Let me tell you a little bit about me and my life.

My name is Kennedy Eby. I am 17 years old and I am currently in college.

Oh and can I just say, I genuinely love life! Most people would say I have had a pretty rough life but to me I have a had a life that gave me opportunities that most people will never get to experience in their lifetimes.

This blog is going to be about my life, family, friends, and whatever I feel like writing about! The reason I started a blog in the first place is because I love how other people inspire me and have such huge impacts on my life in ways they will never know and I wanted to do the same. I know that not many people will read this blog but if I can even just touch one person's life it will be all worth it to me. I love comments and would love to hear what you have to say about my blog.

Thanks for all your support and love!


If you ever have any questions you can always email me at kennedyeby2@gmail.com