Friday, September 18, 2015

New Addition to the Family

So sorry I haven't written in a few days. Life has been absolutely crazy these past few days and a lot of things happened that I was not planning on happening. Isn't it crazy how things can just sneak up on you at times that you couldn't imagine anymore being on your plate at the moment. I know I don't know right now why all of this is happening but I know that later on down the road I will understand why the lord felt necessary to place all this upon me at once, and I will see the blessings that will come from it.

Anyways, enough about the craziness of life, lets get back to the story. 
So I'm sure all of you have been wondering what happened to me and my parents right after my brothers passed away. Well, long story short, a few years later we had moved into a new house and I was about 9 years old when my parents decided they wanted to be foster care parents. We were in a new house with new foster children coming in and out our lives. However, one day we got a call that would change our lives forever. My parents were asked if they wanted to foster a 2 month old baby girl and a 2 year old little boy who were siblings. After much thought my parents said yes and I still remember as we drove to the location where we were going to be seeing them for the first time and be bringing them home. I still remember seeing those sweet children for the first time and my dad talking about how they are exactly what we had been waiting for.  We brought those sweet children home with us and it wasn't very long before we were filing papers to adopt these beautiful little children and officially make them apart of our lives for the eternities. I'm sure as you all know we did end up adopting them and it was exactly what our family was missing. They completed our family. Kyree was such a good baby always happy and smiling, just such a sweet little spirit, the little boy Carter was a sweet little boy but a lot more work.  there were times when it was very hard and you could see so much anger and the neglect he felt, which was very hard to watch. Now Kyree is 7 and my brother Carter is 9. Such beautiful kids, full of spunk and sass but can be so sweet. 
A lot of people think that it is to hard on my mom because they can be very difficult at times but I feel like i can finally say what I think to all of you. Even though carter and Kyree can be the hardest challenge my family will go through, I wouldn't give it up for anything. Those 2 children were meant to come into my family and whether it was when it happened or later on down the road they would have come into our lives. They are in my family for a reason and through it we can learn patience and love. My little brother can finally have the opportunity to feel what it feels like to be loved by your parents and to know what it feels like to have 2 people in your life that will support and love you no matter what. They are always there for you. Those 2 precious angels were meant to come into my life and complete my family, and I am so thankful! 

Have a wonderful day and remember that there are people out there that love you and that are waiting for you to come into their lives. You will never know how many people you may have touched in this lifetime just by your small everyday actions that left huge imprints on other people, so make sure that you are always striving to be your best self!


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