Tuesday, October 6, 2015


So I read a really good quote the other day and the minute I read it I was just filled with so much thought about it and I just couldn't help but just run through in my head so many examples in my own life that go right along with the quote. Don't you just love when that happens. when you are just inspired with so much greatness and knowledge right after you read something.
Anyways back to the quote. So it read," Life is like photography we develop from the Negatives".

Wow isn't so cool how true that is. If you have read my previous posts im sure that you heard me say that everything happens for a reason, and not to repeat myself, but its just so true! Everything really does happen for a reason and everything that we go through in life really is just a part of what makes each one of us so unique and individual in a world that try's to create the perfect ideals. The perfect body or the perfect hair or the perfect grades or the perfect personality or the perfect clothes. The world expects so much perfection.

However, i have bad news. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!! we all have so many flaws so many insecurities. Everyone has their own backgrounds and priorities but it is all those moments that we felt so alone or felt like there wasn't any hope, all the moments that we thought that the darkness was too powerful to see the sun, those are the moments that make us and shape us and are the times we can see how strong we truly are. Just like a photograph that takes time to develop and can take something black and white and turn it into this beautiful detailed portrait.
Sunrise on my cruise

Anyways I guess what im trying to say is that no matter how long you have been in the dark or how unhopeful you are. The sun is always going to rise and although you may not be able to see the end result now, it awaits you and how beautiful it is to know what awaits. Such blessings and hope. Everlasting happiness and so much more. Every experience you go through, every trial and heartache is but a small moment and will be so worth it in the end. It is just refining us so that when we reach that end result we are our most perfect selves and we are what Christ wants us to be.

Love you all and I will write soon!


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