Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for Family

Hey Everyone,
 So today I am going to talk about something that means means more to me than anything in this world.............Family.
So a couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to go home with one of my roommates and spend the weekend with her family. Wow can I just tell you it was the funnest and happiest I have been since I moved here. The minute I walked into her home I could feel how peaceful and loving of an environment it is. On friday night when we got there we all just sat around the kitchen table eating pizza and playing board games. This might seem simple to you but it was so amazing to all just be laughing and smiling and having fun while doing something that was wholesome and uplifting and it was with the people that matter most. We had so much fun all weekend and then on Sunday right before we left we all sat together and the dinner table and had roast and mashed potatoes and rolls and all that yumminess. These are the moments that will last forever and I dont remember a time when I was there that I didn't have a smile on my face. This wonderful just welcomed me and treated me as if I was one of their own. It was so amazing and just what I needed.

Since it is approaching Thanksgiving I want all of you to reflect on all the amazing and wonderful things your family has to offer. I know that every family is messed up or weird or broken in some way cause trust me I have had experience with that. But I also know that all of you can find something that you love about your family. Family is there for a reason its the thing that makes all of this and everything that we go through so worth it. I have to brag for a minute because I was blessed with 2 perfect parents. They have given me so many eternal things in this lifetime and I can honestly say that my parents  are my 2 best friends. I would give up anything for my parents. I am so thankful to them and I will never be able to repay them for that. I also love how my parents have been such a great example of love and charity. I have never seen two people more in love and willing to sacrifice everything for the other person. I also have to brag about my siblings. I don't know why heavenly father found me worthy but he blessed me with 5 amazing and perfect siblings. 3 of which get to constantly watch over me and keep me safe in heaven. How grateful I am for all of them! I know that sometimes we may fight or argue and sometimes might yell at each other but we are family and all those tiny tender moments when you see them sacrifice so much for you. Makes all of it so worth it!!!
I love my family so much and i miss them more than words could ever describe!

So wherever you are in the world you should take a moment to tell them you love them and if you can't tell them you love them. than you should write down 3 things that you love about your family or are grateful for.

I hope all of you have a beautiful and wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hi everyone,

So it has been like a month since I have written im so sorry!

I have sat down to write this blog about 7 times but everytime I write the whole post and then cant bring myself to post it.

Have you ever felt like ur in this bubble that is getting smaller and smaller? its so hard to breathe and you just want to jump out. Anyways So I don't know about you but my mom is my best friend and its so hard to be in such a unfamiliar place without your best friend by your side. I love you mom. I miss you so much and I think about you every single day. I am counting down the days till i get to see my beautiful family. I miss arguing with my little siblings. I miss watching cheesy christmas chick flicks with my mom. But I mostly miss how it is the time of year when we are supposed to be with family and yet we are what feels like worlds apart. I miss living with my best friend I miss arguing about stupid stuff that is so insignificant. I miss laughing till we are crying while standing in the kitchen making dinner together. I miss all of it. And the hardest part is that I feel like im in someone elses life. Just going through the motions. I feel like I am standing in someone elses shoes. The weird part is im not. It is my life, it is my shoes.


Ya know one of my favorite things is when me and one of my roommates Lauren every wednesday night we chill on the couch and watch our shows together. It is so nice. I know it seems dumb but its such a familiar thing to me and It is something that I love. It is so peaceful and quiet. Everyone needs that one time every week to just escape the rest of the world around them and for me that is my getaway. I wouldn't give that up for anything.

You know life has this way of taking what seems like our routine and messing with it till it all seems unfirmal. Ya know we either have to adapt to change or we get left behind. Change is never gonna stop as long as we are breathing change will be happening. It is scary at times and sometimes it hurts but in the end we will see all the good that came out of it. We just have to keep breathing and take it one step at a time eventually one day we will wake up and realize that our feet are moving the same pace as the world and we didn't even realize we were doing it.

One of my friends is really struggling right now and so I guess I just want her to know that it will get easier in time. Those footsteps will become easier to take and you will adapt to the change. Just keep going and stay strong.

Love you All and hope you are having a wonderful novemeber and are thinking about all wonderful things we have to be thankful for.
                                                                                                        Kennedy Eby