Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Eternal Perspective

Hi everyone,
Wow, it has been what feels like years since I have posted I am so sorry! It has been over a month since I have been able to write to you guys. Well, a lot has happened. I got to see my family for a week at Christmas. I started a new semester in school which means new professors and new courses, unfortunately the new ones I have are very difficult and keep me very busy. Due to how much homework I have every night and how much reading I have to do for my classes I pretty much live at the library. I feel like I am there 24/7. I still have not found a new job although I still keep applying for new ones. Kind of frustrating but oh well. I found out some very exciting news so that put a smile on my face. I have been staying super busy and I have gone on a few dates already since I have been back from Christmas break so that was fun :) I went on an adventure by myself the other day, unfortunately I didn't find anything super cool but It was fun and I tried cooking some foods that I haven't ever tried before like spaghetti squash and artichoke.... the Squash was super yummy definitely be cooking that again but I can safely say I'm not a huge fan of artichoke too much effort to eat it and it just wasn't my favorite but it was fun to try new things. I have had the travel bug really bad lately. I want to go travel to new places and talk to new people that I don't really understand and try their food and just be a part of their unique culture that I am not a part of in my everyday life but oh well that will have to wait for another day. hehe. :)

 I could continue on for hours about all the craziness in my life right now but there is something else that I really want to talk to you guys about.

So I'm sure that if you guys read my post from last semester you could probably gather that it was a really hard semester for me. I really struggled and I was constantly feeling heartache and frustration and I just was not where I wanted to be in my life. I'm sure you all have had a time in your life where you just felt as if the heartache and sadness wasn't going to end but when I returned back to school a few weeks ago I realized why I was so unhappy. I was so focused on my life in the moment and I was so focused on what I was going through in that exact moment and when I found myself thinking about "Today" I felt the despair and heartache because it was not a place where I wanted to be and everything around me seemed to be going against me or telling me I wasn't good enough or that I was too focused on certain things. It is so important that we always keep the eternal perspective in our minds because that is what matters. This semester I have been keeping myself very busy on purpose so that I have something to do to keep me occupied and because then I don't find myself thinking about the here and now and it is so much easier to keep the end goal in mind. Everything I go through right now is because the lord is preparing me. What he is preparing me for is not something i know right now but I do know that somehow someway I will be able to use these experiences I go through right now to help others in the future and I will be able to keep strong faith because no matter how small the matter really is it can feel so big to us as mortals because we often forget that this time on earth is so short and is just a small pinpoint on the eternal timeline. When we remember that we will be able to see all the way's that the lord helps us get through our trials and our here and now moments.

Lastly on my little rant I just really want to tell you all how much I love my savior Jesus Christ. I know that he lives. I know that he sends people and angels to help me each and every day. I know that he has sent me on this earth with a mission and that through him and through the atonement I will be able to come unto him and all his fullness and be able to complete my mission that was so carefully picked just for me. I know that he Loves me and each and every one of you. He knows our hearts he knows us way better than we know ourselves. Most importantly he see's us for what we were destined to become, Kings and Queens in his kingdom. I know that "he lives to silence all our fears" and help us in our times of need. This earth and our journey can be a beautiful thing if we let him lead us with his hand.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for reading my blog it means the world to me.