Sunday, October 16, 2016


Hey guys i know it has been a while but wow life is crazy!!!

So I got  a job and I absolutely love it! I am working at a ranch for troubled girls and I seriously love the people I work for they are amazing which makes the job even more amazing!! I also am able to pay for all my bills and everything which is a huge bonus!

Also this week is fall break and so I am having the time of my life this week! Got to go home with one of my roommates and we went forwheeling and took like 8 side by sides up to a canyon and went on an adventure from 5-9 pm. It was so fun and we did get a little lost but it was such a fun adventure and I loved every minute of it! Also my roommates family is so amazing they welcomed me right into their home and were so amazing to spend the weekend with. Today I got on an airplane at 7:30 Am and headed to...... ORLANDO!!! I am so excited!!! I am meeting up with my family and spending the week with them in Florida! I could not be more excited! I bought all of my family a surprise and just can't wait to hug them and laugh and spend a whole week with my best friends (who also happen to be my parents).

So a little background I love airplanes and flying so much!!! I love everything about it! However, because I get so excited on an airplane and I love it so much, I have a very very very hard time falling asleep. This gives me much time to think about things. On today's flight I got to take a trip down memory lane! As I was looking out the window above the clouds I couldn't help but think about all the times my dad and me used to fly! I remember flying so many times in a little 4 seater plane with him and taking a big trip at least once a year and flying on a huge 747. I would constantly look out the window and ask him, "What's that?", "Why is that moving?", "Do you see how high we are and all those clouds?"! haha I probably would ask him about 50 questions every trip. The minute I was born was the moment it all began! The first man I would ever love and the one who I would look up to forever and ever. He will never quite understand how amazing he is and how much I love him!
As a child I was constantely looking up to him and I depended on him for everything, love, knowledge, fun, etc.

Most people as they grow up they grow away from this, however I still depend on my dad so much! Yes I live on my own and pay for my own bills and school and groceries. However, I still turn to my dad when I want advice, when I want someone to tell me everything is going to be ok, and tell me that he will love me no matter where I go in life, who i become, or what I look like. He may tease me or laugh or joke with me which just adds to the fun but I will forever have him in my heart and mind. He will forever have half of my heart.

Wow well now I am going to go try to find something to eat and relax for a minute before my next flight. Here I come the ones I love!!!!