Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Collect Moments Not Things

So I had the opportunity to go to St. George with some really good friends of mine. We just wanted to take a day trip and go have fun. We had no plans other than the fact that we knew that we wanted to go to St. George..... Well needless to say it was such a good day!

We went shopping.. Of course we had to stop at target.. we then went out to eat.
Funny story for ya though. While we were at target I found a pair of shoes that I absolutely loved. So I tried them on. As I had them on a lady and her sister walked by and said oh my goodness those shoes look amazing on you! You need to buy them. My friends and I all laughed and I put the shoes back because I was not gonna buy them. The lady then said you seriously need to buy them. At that point my friend said, yea they are really cute but when your a college student food comes first before shoes. We all laughed. After that we started walking away and the lady said, no you buy the shoes skip a meal a cute boy will see the shoes and take you out to dinner. ....... I was laughing so hard. This lady really seemed to have her whole life figured out haha.

After dinner we went shopping some more and then we went to a place called Dixie Rock and watched the sun go down. Dixie rock is amazing. It was absolutely beautiful and I could have sat up there for hours on end. It is this giant rock that you walk up to that overlooks the whole city. Sitting up there with these amazing girls was a moment I do not want to forget. It was almost as if the world stopped for just a minute. These girls are so beautiful inside and out and always make me laugh. I am so grateful that we get to go through the next year together and see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into next ;) . These girls are always there for me when I need them and always making me smile.

As you will notice the title of this blog is Collect Moments Not Things, I could go through life with a million dollars and getting every little thing my heart desires and it would never even come close to making me as happy as I am when I am making memories with the people I love. The moments that I get to spend with family and friends and all of the crazy memories I make along the way are priceless and are truly what this life is all about.

As I approach My last year of college in a few months I can't help but look back at all of the amazing opportunities and memories I have made along the way. This past school year was pretty dang great! I made so many wonderful friends some who I am lucky enough to go through classes with this next year. I also had amazing roommates who always brightened my day no matter how long it felt. I cannot help but be so incredibly thankful for how blessed I truly was. Also these past few weeks with summer I have been able to really learn a lot about myself and focus on just me and the person I want to become. However, it also has been a great time for me to collect all of my memories over this past year and really think about all the goodness that I have in my life. College has been hard, no doubt, however it has also been an experience of a lifetime. Everybody always says I am so crazy for picking a college that is 1700 miles from my amazing family. However, this is what I will say to that.. The friends and memories I have made while being here make each day beyond worth it. I know that I never would have gotten these opportunities or met these amazing people if I had not chose to come here for school. It was nerve wracking especially because it is such a small town and I am so used to living so close to large cities, however it has been amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

There is still a few months before I start back into my crazy school schedule and until then I am going to soak up every single day and make as many memories as I possibly can! I am one lucky girl and I owe so many of these amazing memories and adventures to so many of you! Thank you for all of the things that you do for me each and every day and for all the times you were there to laugh with me. Have a great rest of your week!

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