Monday, July 30, 2018

Well Worth It

     Have you ever been on a plane or a long car ride where you were starting to feel like you would never reach your destination? That is how I was feeling over the past year of college. I was nearing graduation( which wow can I just say that is surreal!) and I was getting ready to move out of the small town that had become my home for the past three years while attending college. I felt a lot of changes coming, but the part that made me feel like it was never going to happen was the fact that even after all that hard work and time, I had no job lined up! I had dreamed of the day I would graduate college and start my job as a school teacher ever since I was a little girl and it was so discouraging knowing that my lifelong dream was not happening like I had dreamed it would. I remeber in April sitting in my car in the campus parking lot after recieving a phone call that I would not be recieving a job offer to teach. I remember just sitting there by myself and completly just crying. I felt so ashamed and dissapointed in myself because I felt like at that point since one district did not want me I must have been not good enough for any school district, which let me tell you is a ridiculous thing to think because I had recieved numerous job offers before that so I was for sure good enough it just was not the right timing in my life to work for that district. I remeber thinking that everything happens for a reason but I could not understand what could have been better and made all that heartache worht it. However, I am so happy to announce that after much time and heartache I finally have realized why I needed to go through that and I have found something even better! 

      With that being said, I feel like now is a great time to announce that I have officially signed and accepted a contract to teach in Weber School District as a First Grade School Teacher! This has been the most rewarding and stressful time in my life. Those who have been around me laltely have seen that I have been completly engulfed in the process of setting up a classroom and preparing for this amazing year ahead of me. To say it is a lot of work to set up a classroom is an understatement! There are so many things that go into making your classroom a positive and wholesome learning environment for students. Although,can I just say what a fun and exciting time this is in my life right now! I have my very own DESK, and my very own CLASSROOM where I will have my very own KIDDOS!!!

In order to try and get the funds to set up my classroom I have been working two jobs this summer! I have been very very busy and on top of that I have been a bridesmaid for for two differnt weddings and I have also been trying to set up my classroom.It feels like I have had a whirlwind of events constantly surrounding me and it feels like here lately I don't even have time to breathe. This summer though is quickly winding down and my life is going to settle down a little bit. Although I have been very overwhelmed it has been so worth it! 

I cannot begin to put into words my feelings on this opportunity to teach! I am so overwhelmed with excitement and joy that my childhood dream is finally becoming a reality for me! I have my very own classroom where I will have 28 little kiddos who everyday look up to me for 8 hours for guidance and direction in their learning. They will all call me Ms. Eby and they will expect me to have the answers for all their little questions. I have worked so hard for this opportunity and although I feel very confident in my abilities I still continue to have moments where I question my ability because I want to be the very best teacher I can be. I do not want to settle for good but would rather be GREAT! This is such an exciting time in my life and it makes me just that much more excited for all the amazing journeys that still lie ahead of me in life. I know that right now I am exactly where I need to be and I know that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. Howver, I could not have gotten to this point without the amazing amount of support and love from all those around me! My family and friends have been such a support and cheerleader for me! Especially my parents who like always continued to tell me to be patient because they knew that something great would come along and everything would work out! 

School is starting in 3 weeks and I plan on taking each of you along for the ride with me. This will be such an amazing journey this year and I can't wait to look back on this blog a year from now and reflect on all the entries that explained my first year teaching.I have so many fun things planned with my kiddos and it will be such a great year with these amazing first graders! It will be so difficult and trying but it will be so worth it! There are great things ahead of me I just know it! Stay tuned to hear more about all the craziness and excitment that is about to come!

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