Saturday, August 18, 2018

1 DAY!!!

     T-Minus 1 DAY!!!! I don't even understand how time moves so quickly. I blink and next thing I know a whole month goes by! The first day of school is in exactly one week from today! Can you believe that it is already here??? I can't! I have almost set up my classroom to where I want it to be! There is still so much to be done and although I do feel overwhelmed by the to-do lists I have an overwhelming sense of peace. I am so ready to just meet my kiddos and have them change me for the better. This class will be my very first class that is under my class roster so this will be a very memorable one. I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to meet a little boy that will be in my class. I cannot even begin to describe the joy that came over me when I met and spoke with him. He proceeded to tell me all about how he was practicing tying his shoes and how he couldn't wait to meet me, he didn't understand that we had already met which was evident by the conversation we were having. :)

     That right there is exactly why I am going into teaching. Everyone continues to ask me why I am becoming a teacher even after knowing that the pay is not in the same range as most careers, and the long endless hours of work outside of school, or the countless times teachers have to fork out money out of their pocket just to give their kiddos the very best learning experiences possible. It is very sad but I have had many teachers over the past few years tell me to run for the hills and change my career before it is too late. However, for me the answer remains so simple, I teach for the KIDS! Those kids even though I have not met them already have my heart! I want to give every little kid the best experiences possible in school even if it is one year! I have the opportunity to not only change students lives, but rather be changed by the lives of my students!

     I still have a list of teachers in my life that made lasting impressions in ways they will most likely never know. What is even crazier is that I have the opportunity to teach alongside some of those same teachers! I was attending a training this last week when I saw my first grade teacher sitting at the table beside me! Now let me preface by telling you, she was not just some teacher! This woman was one of the most kind hearted selfless teachers I have ever had! It was in her class that I lost two of my brothers! She took the day off work when my second brother died and attended the funeral to show support to me and my family. She made such an impact on my life and I know I am a better person because of her! She loved her students above all else which is exactly the kind of teacher I am striving to become! Anyways so me and her spent the remaining time at the two day conference together and it turns out she is teaching first grade just at a school down the street from mine. She has taken me under her wing and has already given me so much wonderful tips and support.

     Back to school night is in one day! I am so excited and anxious to meet all my little kiddos! I know that this year will be so amazing and filled with so many wonderful learning opportunities for myself. I have been working around the clock to try and get my back to school night ready because school starts officially this Tuesday!! Stay tuned and I will let you know how the first day of school went!

Below you will find pictures of my classroom for those of you that have been wanting to see it. It is no where near perfect and I still have a lot to do but it is what will be home to my class for the next year and I could not be more excited to finally get kids in there!